Abhijeet Singh is a proud Sikh man who is a resident in Furfuri Nagar. He is commonly seen in minor roles during episodes and movies as a passerby going on with his life.


A man proud of his Sikh beliefs, he follows the belief of Kesh by not cutting his hair and tying it underneath his pagri. He has a has a long and thick growing beard that covers his face and his turban is colored a deep navy blue.

He wears clothes typical in the Punjab region by wearing a dark blue kurta, underneath his kurta he wears a blue shalwar pant. He puts on a vest over his kurt giving it a styled appearance. His accent style is similar to Dr. Jhatka's Sardari style as he says "Yaar" quite a bit. He is most likely from the Punjab region in the city of Armritsar.


He rarely talks, when he does it is only a few sentences. He however enjoys how his life is and his content with what he has.