Bilal Khan is a proud Muslim man who is a resident in Furfuri Nagar. He alongside Abhijeet Singh and others are found commonly walking the streets of Furufuri Nagar and attending large gatherings. He is a man in his late 30's of around 39.


He wears a white kufi hat that covers the top portion of his head. He also has a well beard growing on the sides of face although he has no mustache and shaves it. He most likely a Pathan as his last name is "Khan". Bilal wears a emerald green colored shirt that and black shalwar underneath.


As a follower of the Islamic faith, he is commonly seen walking back and forth the streets from after doing his 5 prayers in the mosque. He does not like to talk too much to Motu and Patlu and is relatively quiet. He however often attends competitions and social gatherings.