Description Edit

He is the neighbor of Motu Patlu.

When Motu Patlu or their friends Jhatka and Ghasitaram accidentally tease him he brutally beats them.He respects Inspector Chingum. He is also shown to have a baby. He usually practices in his practice ring which is in his house.He longs for a good nice punching bag though he has some old ones.

Appearance Edit

He is a muscular man who wears a white banyan and has red boxer gloves,a mustache and a light stubble from his beard. Behind his shirt BOXER is written in red and orange outline.

Personality Edit

He is a hot-headed and kind of rude person and behaves badly with his friends and neighbors. He is mean bully and often unnecessarily picks on Motu and Patlu by punching them. However he is as coward as a mouse when somebody stronger than him challenges him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has boxing practice and can blow people with a punch. However he is inferior to Motu when he has his samosa power.

Weaknesses Edit

He is a coward and becomes afraid when he has to fight somebody stronger than him.

Dialogues Edit


" Yeh lo! Yeh lo! Yeh lo!"( Take this! Take this! Take this!)

Gallery Edit

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