Boxer is  Motu’s neighbour who wears red boxing gloves, a white tank top, and red pants with vertical yellow stripes. He is an aggressive man. He always wants to help his neighbors but he gets angry and beats them up. He also has an expensive car which gets destroyed by Motu. In “Boxer’s Baby”, it is also shown that he is not a good parent and could not get his son, Sunny, to sleep.


He is a muscular man who wears a white banyan and has red boxer gloves,a mustache and a light stubble from his beard. Behind his shirt BOXER is written in red and orange outline.


Boxer's strength

Boxer moving his car

He is a hot-headed and kind of rude person and behaves badly with his friends and neighbors. He is also arrogant as seen when he gets angry when Motu called him Boxer instead of Boxer Bhaiya(Boxer Brother)He is a mean bully and often unnecessarily picks on Motu and Patlu by punching them. However he is as coward as a mouse when somebody stronger than him challenges him.

Powers and Abilities

He is very strong and can break through walls and punches people so hard that they go into the clouds. He can also move his car at a fast pace barehanded and run at the same time.


He is not that fast and can be be-fooled. He is also beaten by Motu(if he eats samosas).



" Yeh lo! Yeh lo! Yeh lo!"( Take this! Take this! Take this!)


  • Through he is strong, his twin brother is just the opposite - a coward. But in the end of the episode, he is seen to be strong.