Boxer's Car is a very expensive and high quality sport car that is owned by the famous Boxer of Furfuri Nagar. The car is based off the Porsche 911 Carrera and is like a second child to the Boxer, he regularly cleans and washes it. If anyone like Motu or Patlu give it just a little scratch to destroying it, he will brutally beat them up.



The car is a 2-seater, allowing it to reach fast speeds with the less weight and passenger load. The seats are made of luxurious brown soft leather, allowing the Boxer to drive comfortably after a hard workout from boxing training. Unlike most other vehicles in Furfuri Nagar, the car will be of automatic transmission and less work will be put into driving it.


Boxer's car is painted with a glossy cherry red that shines in the sun. It has 2 round shaped white headlights and two side mirrors to allow a vision in the back. It has two large side doors that lift up when opened. At the back there are old fashioned tail fins to the car, giving it a classic old look. The number plate is MA - 5266, which tells that the car is from Maharashtra, India.


Boxer's car

The car's backside.