Buzo is a stray pug that was found in the streets and adopted by Motu and Patlu. He made his only appearance in the episode " Buzo Ko Bachana" and he became giant sized accidentally by one of Dr. Jhatka's innovations.


Normal sized

He has a wrinkly and short muzzled face with no snout protuding. His eyes are yellow and his nose and mouth are black. His ears flap down as well. Buzo has a noticeable mole on his left side of the face and his face wrinkles whenever he opens his jaw.

His body has a grayish white skin coat to it. His tail is curly like a pugs and straightens out when relaxed while raising when he is excited. Buzo wore a collar after Motu and Patlu claimed his ownership

Giant sized

When Buzo became giant sized by Dr. Jhatka, he was twice the size of any person in Furfuri Nagar. He could crush cars like the Boxer's Car and knock down people very easily and became a nuisance to the town.


He is just like any other dog, he is very loyal to his owner Motu and Patlu after they adopted him. He didn't intend on causing harm to the city nor be a public nuisance. He enjoys chasing cats and other animals although he does it for a sport and not to harm the animal in any way.