Description Edit

He is a man who lives near Motu's house in Furfuri Nagar He makes the best samosas in Furfuri Nagar. He does not like to sell his samosas for free but Motu loves them. when Motu saves Furfuri Nagar from bad people Chaiwala rewards him by freeing him from his loan or giving him samosas for free. He is a poor man. He makes Tea and samosa usually. While cooking, he tends to listen to the radio. Other than Tea and Samosa, he also has milk available in his shop.

Appearance Edit

He is a partially bald man with a sagging belly. He wears a white banyan and pajamas. He also wears a towel over his neck which he occasionally uses to wipe off his sweat.

Personality Edit

He is a poor man who helps himself and does not like to be given extra money. He also is angry when Motu tells him that he will pay the money later. When his business is running well, he can be proud

Powers and Abilities Edit

When he is angry, he beats Motu Patlu with cooking utensils.

Weaknesses Edit

He is not strong and does not know hand to hand combat. He is also afraid of many things like tank, dinosaur etc

Dialogues Edit

  • "Arey Bhayya"

Trivia Edit

  • His phone number is 943

Gallery Edit

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