Chaiwala is a supporting character in Motu Patlu.


He is a man who lives near Motu's house in Furfuri Nagar He makes the best samosas in Furfuri Nagar which is why his samosa shop is often full with customers and usually Motu Patlu's gang comes here.

Though he is often angry and even punishes Motu and Patlu because Motu craves samosas and eats more than he can pay for and usually indebted to Chaiwala, he promises to give Motu free samosas to energize him against enemies such as John or his gang.


He is a partially bald and fairly tall man with a sagging belly. He wears a white banyan and pajamas. He also wears a towel over his neck which he occasionally uses to wipe off his sweat.


He is a poor man who is self-esteemed and does not like to be given extra money. He also is angry when Motu tells him that he will pay the money later. When his business is running well, he can be proud. Chaiwala is also simple-minded and does not believe in gadgets' power, which appear frequently in Motu Patlu.


He is shown to have knowledge even if he is not educated. Given Below is a list of languages and subjects he knows.

Hindi - Speaking, Writing, Reading, Understanding

English - Speaking, Writing, Reading, Understanding

Mathematics - Writing, Reading, Understanding

Science - Understanding

Electronic Gadgets

2 Cell Phone, 1 Television and 1 Radio

Powers and Abilities

When he is angry, he beats Motu and Patlu with cooking utensils. He is also relatively clever and sometimes uses this against Motu Patlu or John.


He is not strong and does not know hand to hand combat. He is also afraid of many things like tanks, dinosaurs etc.


  • "Arey Bhayya" (Hey Brother)


  • His phone number is 943.

Contact Details

Address : Near Motu Patlu's House, Furfuri Nagar (West)

Chai Shop : Statue Road, Near Motu Patlu's House, Opp. Lot Pot Vidyalaya (School) , Furfuri Nagar (West) Landmark : Sabziwali's Stall

Mobile No. : 943