Chingum's Police Jeep is a jeep that Inspector Chingum and his constables Hera Singh and Pheri Lal use during missions of high level criminal threat, such as capturing Jon during extreme robberies. Sometimes Motu and Patlu are riding in the jeep to catch criminals.



It has two white colored seats in the front for a driver and passenger while having a compartment in the trunk allowing up to 3 more passengers. The jeep can fit a total of 5 people maximally. The steering wheel is on the right side of the jeep as India is a right handed drive country. The jeep runs on manual transmission and must constantly have its gears shifted. The interior is not meant to be luxurious and is meant for a fast and basic point A to B ride.


The jeep has a blue-gray painted body. It has no roof on the top and is and allows easy air circulation. The jeep has 3 colored tail lights on each side with the colors red, green, and yellow just like a traffic light. There is a spare tire on the back in case one tire punctures. The wheels on Chingum's police jeep are very large and it give it a very tall height, allowing it to cross over obstacles and take down enemy vehicles.


  • Sometimes the jeep has a dark greenish body paint instead of the light blue