He was a thief and once caught by Inspector Chingum. From that time he wanted revenge from Chingum. When he escaped jail he wanted to kidnap superstar sunny and tell so that Chingum fired because Chingum is the Inspector of Furfuri Nagar. Together with collaboration and effort; Motu,Patlu,Bubblegum, Chingum, Hera, and Pheri successfully caught him and sent him to jail.


He has a strong built muscular body from working out in the gym very often. He is Punjabi as his skin tone is fair and his speaking style is similar to Urdu. His hair is well combed and greased on his head making it shine. His nose curves angular and he has a thick black mustache. He also has a well trimmed beard that is unconnected to his mustache.

Daaga has a well choice of modern fashion and fits in with the youth very well, he wears a striped white and purple shirt and over it he wears denim material vest. His arm has thick hair follicles. Daaga wears gray slim fitting jeans with brown casual fancy loafer shoes made of soft leather.


As he a criminal, he knows the government and police are after so he uses his wits to find out who is around him. Every time Chingum disguised to capture it, Daaga immediately knew it was him. Overall he is a clever man and it took a lot of men to take him down.

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