Grandfather Jhatka is a very wealthy man who is the paternal grandfather of Dr. Jhatka. He is in his 80s-90s. He makes his only appearance in the episode " Dr Jhatka Ke Dada". He tries to find his grandson to give him a large sum of rupees.


His outfit is very similar to the Monoply's man. He dons a black top hat on his head and wears a plum colored suit. Underneath his suit, he wears a white buttoned dress shirt. To finish off his outfit, he wears a neatly tied bow tie. He wears blue colored dress pants with black leather shoes.

His facial features look very similar to Dr. Jhatka's except his hair is white from his older age and he has a mustache. He is also relatively active compared to his age, as he could hang off from a plane for sometime and can walk well with a stick.


He is generally good tempered and content with his twilight years and his wealth. He is very fond and wants to meet his grandson Dr. Jhatka in Furfuri Nagar to give him a large sum of rupees.