Furfuri Nagar This is the area where Motu Patlu takes place and where the main characters of Motu Patlu live. It also has few neigbouring towns like 'Sursuri Nagar' and the towns host international competitions. Furfuri Nagar also has some jagirs (lands) around it, which are ruled by local Rajas (Kings) and Ranis (Queens). The town also has a police and commando force. The decisions are taken by the mayor and the Mantri Ji (minister). The theme song of Furfuri Nagar is "Furfuri Nagariya", which plays sometimes in Motu Patlu.


It's exact location is unknown, but it is probably located in Maharashtra, state in Western India as the police wears a Maharashtra police uniform and the number plate on the cars is has also MA written on it, which is on the Maharashtra number plate.

Notable locations in Furfuri Nagar