Gajraj or Gaju is a large and tall white colored elephant and makes his only appearance in the episode "Safed Hathi". He was used as a begging elephant that visited Furfuri Nagar from thieves to divert the police's attention from them.


He has a the same body concept as Appu the circus elephant except he is much larger in size. He is an Indian Elephant that stands at a whopping 11 feet high at the shoulder. The color of his skin is cream white and thus implies his title the "White Elephant". His ears are fairly large sized and fan his body to keep it cool during the hot summer. Gajraj lacks large tusks although it is normal for Asian elephants for it to happen. His strong is very flexible and powerful; allowing Gajraj to fling his opponents away easily. His eyes have tawny brown to them while having small patches of black hair on the top of his head.


Like Appu, Gajraj had a cruel and abusive history of owners who would force him to beg in the streets. This would make him malnourished and physically abused throughout his life. Originally he blindfully obeyed his mischievous owners commands though he quickly liked Motu and Patlu's treatment. Gajraj likes being the tough guy and enjoyed tossing Motu after he feed him bananas. In general, he enjoys being a bully as he came from a troubled background.


Although he put up a close fight, he lost to Motu after he ate the samosas. Once his trunk is tied up, Gajraj is defenseless.


He is inspired off a true story of a 70 year old elephant named Gajraj from Maharashtra who was finally released after 50 years of life in chains. Gajraj was physically and sexually abused by his owners after long conservation and liberation efforts, he was finally freed.