He is one of the sidekicks in Motu Patlu. A sweet talker with a strong Bengali accent, he is the mithi churi of the gang. He is a kaamchor. He has his so called 20 years of experiences in every field but mostly they fail and land the gang into trouble..


He is a man of about 35-40

years old. His height is as same as Patlu. He wears glasses and a cobait blue tunic, a purple dhoti, a brown vest and shoes of the same color. His design is a parallel version of Patlu.


Ghasitaram is a coward person who wants to and sometimes runs away from danger or trouble. He is the most coward person in the gang.

Powers and Abilities

He is a witty and clever person and can sometimes be-fool Motu to fall into Jhatka's experiments.


He is a coward. He does not know any sorts of combat.


He has a facebook account


"Oorri Baba! Mamoonii bachaaao!(Oh God! Mom help!)

"Hamko iss may bees saal ka tajarba hai!(I have twenty years of experience in this!)


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