Ghasitaram bike
Ghasitaram's Motorcycle is a medium sized and powerful motorcycle that was owned by Ghasitaram and made its only appearance in the episode "Ghaseetaram's Bike". In terms of overall performance, the bike is very fast and agile and was too fast for Ghasitaram to learn on. It is just a level below Chingum's bike in performance although it was able to catch up to Jon's Truck very fast to save the kidnapped Mayor of Furfuri Nagar.


The motorcycle has a similar design to the old and classic Honda Cb 400. The engine size would be an estimated 400 cc and has a powerful torque for its smaller engine size. The bike has a round shaped headlight and square shaped tail light. Its rear view mirrors are shiny and the tires are in well condition as the bike was new. At the back, the bike has two exhaust pipes instead of four like Chingum's although it makes up for it by its lighter weight and easier handling.

The bike has a honey orange body to it with a front rider seat and a smaller passenger seat in the back. The design of the bike is meant for a sport race and it can top high speeds very well. The bike has silver designs furnished on its body as well and is manual shifted.