Description Edit

Himputr aka Dr. Snake is the son of Master Himnaresh. He was a scientist who was researching on genetic mutation and in these experiements he got Snake's DNA in his body and transformed into a snake, after that he converted many humans into mutated animals and used them in his Adbut Manav Tournament.

Appearance Edit

As Himputr, he is a tall and healthy scientist who wears a yellow shirt with red spots and a whote lab uniform.


Himputr's original body form

As Dr.Snake he looks like a giant snake on two legs with a purple-gold coat.

When he injects the DNA of all snakes in order to defeat Motu Patlu, he gets six additional snakes on his body which spit poison.

In Motu Patlu KungFu King returns(Summary) Edit

Dr.Snake creates a Yeti mutation with four arms and sends him to abduct his son. After that Motu Patlu and their friends participate in his Adhbuv Manav tournament to find Timtim, however after much effort when they find him, Himpute aka Dr. Snake gives Timtim an injection that hypnotises him and he mutates Motu, but they manage to defeat Himputr though he injects more snake DNA to make himself more powerful

Personality Edit

Himputr is a good-natured scientist but after he becomes Dr. Snake, his motive becomes to mutate people by giving them animal DNA, due to this he even abducts Timtim and transforms Uruwashi into a mermaid too.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Dr.Snake, he is highly cunning and also has poison spitting power, and after he gets additional Snake DNA, he starts breathing fire and the snakes on his back can spit poison, he also gains physical strength after the transformation.

Weaknesses Edit

He is also proud and evil and evil never triumphs

Dialogues Edit

"Jab Dr.Snake hasta hai to zamana rota hai"(When Dr.Snake laughs, the era cries)

As Dr.Snake and Snake additional DNA transformation(in pictures) Edit


Himputr as Dr.Snake in addditional snake DNA transformation


Himputr as Dr.Snake


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