Chingum is a police inspector. He believes that no criminal can escape from him. However, Chingum manages to catch criminals merely by luck with the help of Motu and Patlu.

He is a tamilian as he is a Rajinikanth devote with a strong South Indian accent, Chingum is a solicitous police inspector. He takes pride in the fact that no criminal can ever get away from him. A lethal combination for righteous and hilarious. When he fires his gun in the air after telling his dialogue, coconuts fall from the top on his head and makes him fall on the ground.

He drives a green motor bike and sometimes also drives a police jeep. He is sometimes helped by two Constables, Hera and Pheri. Even though he cannot catch criminals by himself, he is respected by the people of Furfuri Nagar. They call him "Chingum Sir". Motu and Patlu call him to do the opening ceremony of their various businesses but he refuses as he lands in trouble then. He also becomes the referee in important competitions.


He is a tall thin man in his forties. He wears a police uniform with stars and badges decorating it. He has a well sported mustaches and brown silky hair. Sometimes he is seen chewing gum thus giving his name. On his wrist he wears a watch to check the time.



Chingum is a friendly and helpful person who always tries his best to catch criminals but lands in trouble. His best friends are Motu and Patlu.

Powers and Abilities

Chingum carries an military pistol for emergency, and armed havildars to assist him. When he shoots up many coconuts starts to fall down which makes his enemies to faint but many times it will fall in Inspector Chingum's head.


When he shoots coconuts with his pistol, they often fall on his head knocking him unconscious. He cannot usually catch criminals by himself and is often very dependent on the help of Motu and Patlu.


  • " My name is Chingum, Inspector Chingum! Chingum ke Changul se bachna yampossible, bole to yampossible!" (My name is Chingum, Inspector Chingum! It is impossible to escape from Chingum's plan, impossible!)
  • "Stop! Stop in the name of law! Tume qanoon ki kasam, bharat maata ki kasam!"(Stop, Stop in the name of law! Stop on the behalf of law, on the behalf of Mother India!)


  • He can shoot coconuts from anywhere, even Antarctica and the moon.
  • His phone number is 346.
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