John's Truck is John's main travelling vehicle and Jon or one of his goons drive it (Mostly Number 1 and rarely Number 2).


Jon often uses the truck when escaping his crime such as robbery, kidnapping, or stealing. The truck is very powerful and easily ram and destroy nearby vehicles. However, it is quite slow and gets easily caught up to by other vehicles.


Inside the truck's tractor, the truck has 3 seats and allows John and his goons to fit in. If an additional passenger is in the truck, they will sit on either one of the goon's lap or in the trailer in the back. The truck's steering wheel is oddly in the center and is similar to a tuk tuk rickshaw. The truck is of manual transmission and has 3 pedals. In the trailer, there is plenty of back room and sometimes Jon and his goons sleep in it.


The truck is painted a rainbow and wide array of colors and giving it a colorful look. The front tractor is colored baby blue with a red stripe running through it as well as flowers designs.The back trailer is orange and has the name John painted on it. The back trailer also has a door to open although the front lacks one.