"Jon banega Don, Jon Banega Don hehe"(Jon will be the Don, Jon will be the Don hehe)"


-The dialogues of Jon

Description Edit

Jon, the Don is the main antagonist in the Motu Patlu episodes. He is a wanted Don, who always plans to harm Motu Patlu, their friends and Furfuri Nagar. However the "Shaitaani Ideas"(evil ideas) of his "Toofani Damaag"(stormy mind) are foiled by Motu Patlu.

Appearance Edit

Jon is short and plum and is about 35 years old, he wears a blue flower-designed suit with a brown belt and gold chain and several rings on his fingers(the jewellery of gold is probably stolen).

Personality Edit

Jon is a cunning mastermind and every time 80% of his plan is succesful but due to Patlu(who is more clever an wiser than even Jon) foils them.So his 10% plan of are successful.Due to him going to jail many times due to Motu and Patlu, he hates them bitterly and uses every possible method to harm them and sometimes takes gadgets from illegal scientists in exchange of stolen money.

Net WorthEdit

He not very rich man but he has an net worth of about 2 crore Rupees.

Abilities Edit

Jon is a mastermind in thievery and also has a pistol

Weaknesses Edit

He is less clever than Patlu and thinks evil, and evil never triumphs

Trivia Edit

  • He has a facebook account

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