Kamalpur is a small fictional made up city situated about 50 kilometers Southeast from Furfuri Nagar. Kamalpur is a city of successful and wealthy businessmen, doctors, scientist, and even gang leaders. The city has a similar atmosphere to Furfuri Nagar and Sursuri Nagar, although it is more larger in size and technologically advanced. Famous people such as Johnny, Dada Jhatka, Johnny's Bodyguard and many other notable rich people. The decisions made in the city are done by the Mayor of Kamalpur and the police force there.


Just like Furfuri Nagar, the exact location of Kamlpur is unknown although it is probably situated in Maharashtra, a state in Western India home to Mumbai as the cars there also have the MH on their number plates. The city is too far to go on by bike, the fastest route recommended to take a train, taxi, or bus to Kamalpur. Train would fastest as there would be no traffic jams and slow roads.

Notable locations

  • Johny's large house and estates
  • Kamalpur police station
  • Dada Jhatka's mansion
  • Mayor's house
  • Boxing Arena
  • Kamalpur Train Station


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