Merdeena is young mermaid girl who lives underneath the seas in Sharkaal's Kingdom. She is a special character who makes her debut in the movie Motu Patlu: Deep Sea Adventure.


She is very small and short like Sharky which makes sense as she is only a child. Her body is half human and half fish like, On her head is her hair which has appearance of fish fins. Her forehead is blue, and she wears a red orange vest. She also has a mermaid tail to swim with.


Very polite and well mannered, she likes to play a lot with her friend Sharky and Motu. She got upset that she couldn't play with Sharky after Sharkuni the magician convinced Sharkaal that mermaids should be used as slaves only and they should not be treated equally. She missed her parents when they were trapped by Sharkuni's spell.