Motu is one of the main characters of Motu Patlu. He is the main protagonist of the series who loves to eat samosas and gains power from them, with which he saves the day, along with his friend Patlu.


Motu lives in Furfuri Nagar with his best friend Patlu, in a small house which is on rent. His known relatives are his sister, nephew(who also live in Furfuri Nagar) and an uncle.

He was separated from his father when he was 5-6 years old.

Motu and Patlu try to do various jobs but everytime they bring harm to the company they are working in.

Motu has a habit of calling people Bare Bhaiya (Big brother). He is extremely addicted to samosas, so much so that when he smells them, his body automatically flies towards them. He can eat hundreds of samosas. He usually dreams about samosas or him eating a mountain of them. He also wants to do social work but mostly lands in trouble with his best friend, Patlu.


He is a short, fat man in of 30-40. He wears a red tunic under a black vest. He is balding around the head area, but has hair around the ears. He has a rather kempt moustache.


Unlike Patlu, who is quite humble, Motu is very hot-headed. He dreams of fame, fortune, and lots of samosas, automatically rushes towards it, and is so attracted to the latter that if he smells it his body will force itself in the direction of them. He is also very impatient and a lot of times the gang falls in trouble because of his impatience.


Due to his natural build, Motu is naturally strong and is the strongest in his friends(except boxer). After consuming Samosas, his favourite food his speed, strength, vision and intelligence are enhanced, allowing him to lift boulders and vehicles. He can also beat down multiple opponents at once, and even a person as strong as boxer is easily beaten by him.


  • When he hasn't eaten samosas, he easily loses to strong enemies.
  • He cannot think on an empty stomach.
  • He is not clever and can be-fooled by people.


  • His design is a parallel version of Dr. Jhatka's.
  • In the episode "Rupiya Dus Karod", Motu's uncle Kuber Singh, who has not met him in 30 years, seems to know Patlu well, telling that they were friends since childhood.



"Nahiiiiiiiiin!" ("Nooooo!")

(To Patlu) "Khaali pait mere damaag ki batti nahi chalti tum he kuch karo!" ("You do something, I cannot think on an empty stomach!")