(To Patlu)"Khaali pait mere damaag ki batti nahi chalti tum he kuch karo!(Without eating food i do not get ideas, you do something!")

Description Edit

Motu is one of the main characters of Motu Patlu His best friend is Patlu and he is also friends with Dr.Jhatka, Ghasitaram, Chingum, Chaiwala, Boxer. Motu He has a habit of calling people Bare Bhaiya(Big brother). He is extremely addicted to samosas, so much that when he smells them, his body automatically flies towards them. He can eat hundreds of samosas. He always dreams about samosas or him eating a mountain of samosas. Samosas are not only his favorite food but also make him stronger so that he can defeat bad people. He also wants to do social work but mostly lands in trouble with his best friend, Patlu.

Appearance Edit

He is a fat man who is about forty years old. He has a unique upturned mustache and wears a red shirt underneath a navy-blue vest which has white buttons.he have half bald hair.he wears yellow pants with brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Motu is a brave and kind man who cares for his friends. He is a helpful person and because of this all the citizens of Furfuri Nagar ask him and Patlu for help when there is trouble. However, Motu is a bit clumsy and because of this sometimes his friends (especially Patlu) suffer his troubles.

Powers and Abillities Edit

He is strong and has muscles and , after eating samosa, his strength, speed, vision and intelligence increases. No power is greater than his samosa power.

Weaknesses Edit

He is foolish and is be-fooled by bad people(Especially john the don) and has to be recovered by Patlu.

Trivia Edit

  • Motu's talking style is influenced by Dara Singh.
  • In one episode it was mentioned that Motu's height is 5'3 and his weight is 80 kg. According to height weight calculator, his weight should be 57.7kg

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