Motu jet

This is the medium sized airlines jet owned my Motu Patlu Airlines. The jet makes its special appearance in the episode Motu Patlu Air Bus.



The jet has a similar appearance to the Mcdonnell Douglas Md-11. The plane is a Tri-jet, with a jet engine on each wing as well a third one on the tail. The front nose of the plane is sharpened to a acute point allowing precise air gliding. The tail have two extensions that stick out on each side. Comically, due to the lack of the room, there are passenger seats strapped on the wings done by Motu Patlu. In real life, the passengers would suffocate from the lack of oxygen from the high altitudes of 35,000 feet.


The front contains a cockpit with 2 steering wheels for a Pilot and Co-pilot to fly. Patlu flies the jet as he is more clever than his friend Motu and he knows the controls. There are multiple buttons and switches on the cockpit for radio control transmission, air conditioning, emergency lights, terrain warnings, and many other warnings most jets have. The fuselage of the jet contains a aisle where the flight attendants serve the food. The seats are made of comfortable cloth. At the very back, there are two bathrooms for passengers to use.