She is the queen of Sharkal's Kingdom, the husband of Sharkaal, and the mother of Sharky. She makes her only debut in Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure movie.


She has a similar body design as a queen. She is most likely a Great White Shark species due to the resemblance of her snout and jaw. Her body line has an hour glass figure and her belly skin is cream white. The back her of skin is a deep Fuchsia and she wears a shell crown on her head to indicate her as a queen.


She speaks little although we can tell she has a less aggressive approach than her husband Sharkaal and often disagrees and argues with his ideologies. She treats her son Sharky with much love and dearness and he is like a precious pearl to her as he is her only child. After Motu Patlu rescued Sharky, she gave a high level of respect to them and unlike like Sharkaal, her son is very precious and dear to her.