Sharkaal is a powerful and influential Shark who was the king of his kingdom Sharkaal's Kingdom. He made his only debut in the movie Motu Patlu: Deep Sea Adventure. He is the father of Sharky and the husband of the Shark Queen.


He is a Great White Shark who is still young and healthy for his age. His body has a muscular build to it and he has a broad underbelly and protruding wings indicating his physhical strenghth. The majority of his skin is vanilla white including his underside, his snout, and his tail. His backside has a fire orange to it like his son Sharky. on the top of his head lies a shell crown indicating his king status.


He is an extremley arrogant and cocky king. This is mostly from Sharkuni secretley brainwashing and encouraging him what to do for power. Sharkaal had good intentions although they were ruined from Sharkuni's evil plans. Sharkaal likes boasting his name and wanted to conquer the entire seas for his own, he treated any sea creature other than sharks as second class such as mermaids and fish.


He gets easily influenced by others decisions such as Sharkuni's. This made him a sort of puppet leader.