Sharky is young shark boy who lives underneath the seas in Sharkaal's Kingdom. He is the son of Sharkaal and Shark Queen and makes his debut in Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure.


He has a shark humanoid appearance as he swims in an upright position. He has orange skin like his father as well as a peach colored belly side. His eyes are green and he has a dorsal fin, two frontal fins, and two minor fins on his body. He also has sharp teeth like other sharks.


A very naive and innocent young shark, he did not like his father's doings and was upset that he could not play with his best friend Merdeena. He would speak up on his fathers mistakes. Sharky loves to dance and was delighted when Motu and Patlu offered to teach hi. He soon become dancing professionally and became a fan of it ever since. He also likes to play around as other children do.