Tiger Chang is a martial arts master from a village located in the Himalayas. He was once the student and adopted son of Master Himnaresh but later went to Ding Dang and started serving him. His goal was to make his supremacy in all the villages and towns by defeating their best fighters, this led him to come to Furfuri Nagar. After he defeats Motu and Motu challenges him, Motu comes to his hometown and defeats him. Later which Motu comes to find Tin Tan, he helps them in finding him.


He is tall and muscular and has a french beard. His age is about 30. He wears a black shirt with yellow stripes and a black Chinese-style short.


Tiger Chang was finded by Master Himnaresh, who raised him as his own child and taught him martial arts. He quickly learned martial arts. One day Ding Dang came to Master Himnaresh's training area and asked Tiger Chang to come to his academy. Although reluctant, Tiger Chang agreed to come. He then stole Master Himnaresh's secret Kung Fu book and because of his love for him, Himnaresh was not able to stop him.

In Motu Patlu KungFu Kings

Tiger Chang visits Furfuri Nagar, challenging their best fighters to fight him. He quickly defeats boxer and the Motu challenges him. After a batlle, Tiger defeats Motu, though Motu also gave him visible wounds. Motu challenges Tiger than one day he will defeat him in his hometown. After asking a guru, Motu Patlu go to his hometown and convince Himnaresh to train him. After he has trained, Motu battles Tiger Chang and defeats him.

In Motu Patlu KungFu Kings Returns

At first he challenges Motu to defeat him when they come to find TimTim but when he is defeated, he agrees to help them find TimTim. He helps them defeat Dr.Snake's mutation army but doe snot do animal training(due to his foot injury). After the defeat of Dr. Snake, he come back to Himnaresh's academy


Tiger Chang is a master martial arts fighter, and in strength equal to Himnaresh himself, Other than normal KungFu, he can also make natural elements like fire and other blue and green elements through inner energy(chakra), which is a very advanced form of martial arts.


His biggest weakness is his pride, which leads to his downfall.


"Tiger ke vaar se bachna sambhav he par Tiger Chang ke Vaar se bachna Asambhav!(It is possible to evade the attack of a tiger, but it is impossible to evade the attack of Tiger Chang!"


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